Don’t Be Shy- Get Naked – Welcome to the reface of our products you’ve come to love – Naked All Natural Daily Skincare.

Don’t Be Angry- When you have those angry piercings our oil with nurture and heal your piercing naturally.

Naked All Natural, founded in 2005, is a skincare company that believes in the power of nature to create the finest all-natural healing skincare products. We have made it our mission to create healing products specific to piercing, tattoo, and the salon professional to create an all natural healing & preventative skincare using only natural ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E and essential oils to stimulate the lymphatic system, encouraging rapid healing and more. Naked All Natural is free from synthetic dyes, latex, parabens and other harmful chemicals. Our products have nothing to hide…they are completely Naked.

Using our Naked Oil is a great way to nurture and heal your piercing naturally. Skin is constantly creating it’s own oil to help carry away bacteria and keeps out environmental toxins. When it is disrupted, by body piercing or any other type of irritation or abrasions, the body needs help to regenerate new skin cells at the surface. Lavender has both an anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing (wound healing) effect. It is also a mild anesthetic, which soothes irritated skin. Tea tree oil aids in dissolving lumps of white blood cells at the surface, which form pus and allows your bloodstream to clean them away. Castor oil stimulates your lymphatic system, encouraging rapid healing.

  • Size: .135 oz Bottle
  • Topical Use Only
  • To Use: Apply a light layer to piercing 1-2 times a day or as directed
  • For all skin types

Formulated and Distributed by: Industrial Strength LLC

Manufacturer: Green Tribes Manufacturing


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Don’t Be Shy- Get Naked


Don’t be Angry Oil combines a powerful blend of lavender and tea tree which helps keep skin free of daily aggressors. This oil is designed to help combat the “Angry Piercing” or red irritated skin. Castor oil is rich in fatty acids that help moisturize, hydrate, and form a protective barrier so the skin can balance and normalize. We recommend using this oil as a daily  preventative maintenance regimen.


Can I apply Don’t be Angry Oil immediately after a piercing?

We suggest you follow your piercer’s recommendation for care the first 12-24 hours. Then yes you can gently apply Don’t be Angry Oil on the piercing.  The thin oil layer will help soothe, calm, and form a protective barrier so the skin can balance and normalize.


How to Use

Dispense 1-3 drops onto fingertips and rub together lightly. Gently press oil onto clean affected area distributing evenly. For best results apply after Don’t be Dirty Soap no. 01. Use daily.



“Works wonders for keloids!! Had one on my nose and it disappeared in under a week!!” ~Emily

”I had really bad nail fungus on my toes and thumbnail. I get a lot of mani/pedis. A friend of mine recommended this product and in about a week, the fungus was gone. Awesome stuff and I love the smell!” ~ Michelle 

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