Three Quarter Inch

•Non-Sterile 304 SST

minimum 25 PCS

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Three Quarter Inch

•Non-Sterile 304 SST

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26, 22, 20


  1. Elayne Angel

    I absolutely LOVE these transfer pins! I use the 20 gauge pins for transferring internally threaded jewelry behind 14 and 12 gauge needles. They are so smooth and work absolutely perfectly. That way, even without a taper, the connection for my jewelry transfer is highly secure every time. I just dispose of them when done. So simple and effective. I used to use sterilized paper clips for this purpose, but these are infinitely superior. Thanks Sharp Ass Needle people! xoxo

  2. bruno

    I’m using this transfert pins since a while now and i find them absolutely handy, safe and easy to use.
    Thank you guys this solve me a lot of problems and save me lot of time 😉

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