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NakedAll Natural Foaming Soap (1.7oz)

Our sudsy, gentle everyday Naked Foaming Soap is a combination of botanicals including  tea tree + lavender + aloe. These botanicals offer potential hydration, refreshment, cleansing, balancing, and nourishing properties for the skin. Customers have noted benefits in managing various skin conditions such as eczema and dryness when using this product.

Pierced, Tattooed or Bare, we’re your daily skin care

Our daily Naked Foaming Soap formula is gentle and suitable for…

  • all over cleansing
  • skin hydration
  • clearer looking skin
  • body piercing care
  • tattoo care
  • Size: 1.7 oz Foaming Bottle


Formulated and Distributed by: Industrial Strength LLC

Manufacturer: Green Tribes Manufacturing

(SRP) $7.00


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don’t be dirty foaming soap, No. o1

lavender/ tea tree /aloe vera/ coconut

Don’t be Dirty gentle foaming cleanser is formulated to provide hydration while gently removing dirt and debris, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Lavender essential oil is included to offer a gentle calming effect on the skin, while tea tree essential oil may assist in reducing inflammation. Additionally, coconut oil is added to promote skin healing and moisture retention. This botanical foaming soap features a light aroma combining lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, and citrus notes, and it is made without the use of synthetic ingredients. Vegan-Friendly.

How to use

Wet hands, face, or body. Put 1-2 pumps into hands and rub together to create lather. Gently massage over face or body avoiding direct contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily on your face, body, and hands.



“I am so in love with this product! My piercer highly recommended it after my lip piercing so I bought it from him to try. Now I use it every day for myself and my kids. Not only is it all natural and super soft and gentle on your skin but it smells amazing! It is absolutely worth every penny! “ ~Kristi

“I love this soap! It is awesome. I had a piercing bump next to my nose ring. I used this soap and in 2-3 days the bump was gone! I had tried other remedies recommended by my piercer but nothing else worked except for the Naked Soap! Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I will be ordering more of it. I plan to order the travel size so I can take Naked Soap with me wherever I go!” ~Yvonne

“I swear by this soap and recommend it to any of my friends with piercings. I have my eyebrows pierced and will occasionally get a little bump, especially during the summer when I sweat more. This soap gets rid of the bump within a week!!! Now I just work it into my routine for all of my piercings, it’s so gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin so I use it to clean them all every night when I wash my face and shower! Holy grail product, literally could not recommend more!”~Nas

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 4.75 in

Single, Case